What Is An Ingrown Hair?

What Is An Ingrown Hair An ingrown hair is a hair that has curled in and penetrated the skin with its tip instead of growing outwards. Commonly kno...


What Is An Ingrown Hair

An ingrown hair is a hair that has curled in and penetrated the skin with its tip instead of growing outwards. Commonly known as razor bumps, ingrown hair generally results in inflammatory conditions. Ingrown hair is described by the medical term pseudofolliculitis barbae or PFB. People with curly hair are at a higher risk and while almost 65% Afro Americans are afflicted by this condition, only 20% white Caucasians face this problem.

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· What Are The Causes Of Ingrown Hair?

The main cause of ingrown hair in both men and women is hair removal through techniques like shaving, tweezing, electrolysis, waxing and cream depilation, which often irritates the hair follicle and results in an inflammation. While men generally encounter razor bumps on their faces, women may have ingrown hair on legs, underarms, bikini area and any other place where they might have carried out hair removal. People with dry skin are at a higher risk of getting ingrown hair. Stiff, curly or coarse hair is also more prone to getting ingrown. Other factors that cause ingrown hair are genetics, build up of dead skin cells that clog pores and hair follicles that are full of oil.

· What Are The Symptoms Of An Ingrown Hair?

The most common symptom of is inflammation of the skin. While at times this can be painless, it is generally accompanied by tingling, itching and redness. In many cases, an ingrown hair results in a painful pus filled blister. Many a times, ingrown hair gets infected by yeast, bacteria or fungi, further exaggerating the problem.

· How Is An Ingrown Hair Diagnosed?

Ingrown hair symptoms vary from person to person and the best way to diagnose this condition is to get it examined by a dermatologist.

· How Is Ingrown Hair Treated?

In case you have inflamed ingrown hairs that keep getting infected or are very painful, then you should get them treated at a dermatology clinic. Treatment of ingrown hair generally involves the use of electrolysis and depilation.

· How Can You Avoid Getting Ingrown Hair?

In cases where a tendency to have isn’t genetic, this condition can be avoided through proper skin care and depilation methods. A skin care regime that involves regular moisturization and exfoliation will make your skin soft and smooth, providing less resistance to growing hair and result in a decrease in the number of ingrown hair. Make it a point to exfoliate with a loofah every time you take a bath and moisturize your skin afterwards with a body lotion.

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Dermatology experts also suggest that one should shave in the direction of the growth of hair instead of shaving in the opposite direction. While this might not give you a very close shave, it will definitely prevent ingrown hair. Both men and women should apply an aftershave lotion to avoid infection of hair follicles.

How to treat ingrown hair in the pubic region



How to best to treat ingrowinng hair in the pubic region

When the point of the hair turns back into the skin tissues how to Treat Ingrown Hairs on the Pubic Region An ingrown hair grows.

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How to treat ingrown hair in the pubic region

The result can be an unsightly, distressing, inflamed and even contaminated lump. Hair removal in the pubic region increases the chance of an ingrown hair because the hair strand is shortened and can readily bend into the skin. Other causes of ingrown hairs include friction and wearing tight-fitting clothes in the pubic region. You can treat an ingrown hair house but if pus, bleeding or other signs of disease occur, seek medical aid.


1 Stop any hair removal techniques, at least in the region surrounding the ingrown hair. Shaving, plucking or any other hair removal technique can exacerbate the irritation and introduce bacteria to the ingrown hair follicle.

A clean washcloth was Wet by step 2

with warm water. Put it over the hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this at least once a day to help soften the skin over the ingrown hair.

Step 3

Lather the ingrown hair region with a warm water and mild soap. Gently rub the place with a fresh wet washcloth. Apply minimal pressure, but rub in a circular motion for 10 to 15 seconds. This technique can soften the skin and help the hair protrude from the skin.

Step 4

Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment once or twice per day, particularly following the warm compress and soap. The ointment can reduce the risk of infection of the hair follicle.
The ingrown hair is Examined by

Sstep 5

attentively each day. Try to remove the hair just when a loop or bend of the hair is visible. When this seems, disinfect a pair of tweezers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton ball over the tweezers.

Step 6

Grasp the center of the loop of hair with the tweezers. Turn the tweezers in either direction to loosen the point of the hair and push it to pop out of the skin. Another technique is to choose one point of the tweezers, fit it into the loop of hair and slowly lift upwards. This is distinct from plucking the hair; the purpose is to gently get the point of the hair to come out of the skin.


Step 7

Grab the point of the hair with the tweezers once it comes out of the skin. Gently pull straight up to remove the hair.

Step 8

Cleanse the skin with soap and water after removing the hair.

Step 9

Pat the place dry, and apply a thin layer of triple antibiotic cream.
Measure 10 Observe the site of the hair for several days to watch for signs of disease. Should the skin become reddened, full of pus or extremely painful, contact a health care professional for skin disease treatment.

Warnings and suggestions

Throw out razors that you have used in the region of the ingrown hair. These tools may have bacteria flourishing on the surface, which can reinfect the hair follicles or worsen the ingrown hair. Disinfect electric razors according to the manufacturing company’s directions, which usually includes making use of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab on the blades. Use an electric razor, when relevant, for a closer shave in the pubic region to reduce ingrown hairs. Use a drying body powder or cornstarch to reduce friction if ingrown hairs are regular.
Do not share a razor with anyone, particularly during and after an ingrown hair. Bacteria can be spread by the razor from one person to another.

Things You’ll Need

Antibiotic ointment
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls

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